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We are glad you asked! wall:in is an App that allows anyone to publish, promote and search for an event. The purpose of wall:in is to facilitate the dissemination of information on events in a city and make them as complete and varied as possible. All events have the same visibility. No one can be put on display more than others (we don’t even accept money in exchange for sponsorship). The ultimate goal is to promote socialization and cultural exchange by rediscovering what surrounds us. For this reason we did not put a “I will attend the event”, but a Private Wall where you can add the events you like best. Then if you want to go it’s your business! At most, if you wish, we will notify you of the approaching event.

wall:in is quite simple to use. It was designed so that anyone could use it. The City Wall (Public Wall) shows all the events in order of date and time that your city offers. You can click on a poster, enlarge the image and see additional information. You can freely search for an event through the tool “Search” at the top right. You can see which are the most added events of the moment and ever. Yourself, walking down the street, or sitting in a club or dancing in a disco, if you see a poster or flyer for an evening that you like, you can publish it by clicking on the “Publish” icon, take a picture and insert some essential information.

No, no and then NO! wall:in is completely free and no compensation is asked for the publication of an event. We thought the App should be free in order to be democratic. We don’t want some events to be more on display than others just because they invest in sponsorships.

Well, good question! We are there too! Inside wall:in we thought of inserting some advertisements they are not many and they are not invasive, you will never find an advertisement that affects the use of the App. On all the ads we have included the word “sponsored” to prevent them from being confused with the posters for events. After all, even on city walls there are event posters along with advertisements; who knows if you can’t find any really useful offers.

Yes for now. We are Genoese and we designed it because in our city there was no application dedicated to events. But wall:in was designed to fit in any city, every city will have its own wall updated by a community that will want to participate and share.

You can vote for the next city by sending us a message in the Contact Us section of the home page of our website wallinapp.com. We hope to meet your request soon. 

Public Wall & Private Wall

The Public Wall is the wall on which you find all the events published in your city. Remember that it is in chronological order so on the right there is the future and on the left the past. If you know there is some event that you can’t find add it yourself!

The black bars are used to separate the days. To the right of the bar you will find the events relating to the date indicated, while the number written in the upper part indicates the days away from the date on which you are consulting the App (in 3 days, in 5 days, in 1 week, in 1 month, etc.).

When you are on the Public Wall page, click on the “Wall” icon again to update it.

The Private Wall is your personal wall. It’s a sort of private agenda where you can add the events that interest you and keep an eye on them more easily. To add events to this wall just click on the “+” icon that you find under the posters.
The Private Wall is set up exactly like the Public Wall but there are only events of your interest.
You can add an event to your Private Wall even while you are browsing the Public Wall! How? It’s simple, quickly click twice on a poster that interests you and it will end up directly on your Wall.

From the Public Wall, swipe up from bottom to top. You will pass in an instant to your Private Wall.

When you view an event in full-screen mode, click on the “+” icon that you find under the posters. You can add an event to your Private Wall even while you are browsing the Public Wall quickly click twice on a poster that interests you and it will end up directly on your Wall.

To view only the events of a macro-category click on the colored filter below the posters in the Public Wall. Clicking on another category will add it to the previous one.
When you have only one category selected and you click it you will reactivate all the other categories.


The Profile is where all the information about what you’ve done are showed. Here you can manage the Favorites (the Wallers you follow) the Published (the events you put on the App), the Events Added to the Private Wall and consult the Notifications received.

A filter appears on all the activities you have done with a minus above. It’s a button that allows you to remove anything from your profile: if you click the minus on the preview of a waller profile it’s removed by the people you follow; similarly if you click on the minus of a published or added event this is removed from the Public Wall* or from your Private Wall respectively.

Attention by removing from your Profile an event that you have Published, this will cease to exist and no Waller will be able to see it anymore.

These are the number of events you have published and the number of people that follow you. If you plan to publish events that your friends like, invite them to follow you, so they will receive a notification for the events you post or add to your private wall.

If you want to easily remove content such as published posters, added events or followed Wallers click edit at the top left and remove through the minus icon that appears on the individual contents.
If you want to change your data, you can do it by clicking on your profile image and then on the “pencil” icon, or by going to Settings (the icon at the top left of the Public Wall).

Notifications are always on your Profile and can be found by clicking on the speaker symbol. Click and check all the latest news from the Wallers you follow.


Of course! Our powerful systems will cross the data you entered with those already present to have the most complete information possible.

Culinary events are welcome, which is why we included the Food filter. However, there are restrictions. An example: the “pay two get 3 beers” is not an event but a promotional offer; the beer festival yes, the tasting of craft beers also, especially if accompanied by a musical band, and even more if the band has drunk the craft beers. 🙂

Another example.
Dinner at the restaurant at € 20 all you can eat is not an event. A series of thematic dinners that touch different cultures, traditions and lifestyles are welcome. And good!

We hope to have been clear but if you have any doubts write to us.

It is possible to publish any type of event that includes some kind of artistic, sporting or culinary performance. One of our goals is to enrich the offer. We think that a commercial promotion is not in itself enough to be included in the Wall.
But if a photo exhibition, a pianist playing during dinner or an acrobatic barman is added to the promotion, then dinner becomes an event!

To make easier to classify and search the events on wall:in we decided to insert 5 macro-categories.
These are the “filters”: Music, Food, Culture, Sport and Party.

We have been thinking about this solution for a long time, and we have understood that it made sense for events make the day last from 6:00 am to 5:59 am the following morning. In this way the publication of an event is easier!

An example:
Are you entering an event that runs from 22:00 on 01 July to 05:00 on 02 July? Select only the start day (01 July) and the time (from 22:00 to 05:00), the event in this way will last all night.

Another example:
I publish an event that goes from 11:00 to 17:00 and then again from 21:15 (all on 01 July) at 03:00 (02 July). You should always select July 1st as the date and then select the event times.
wall:in will take care of the rest!

If you still have doubts, feel free to write to us.

We have tried to make this entry as simple as possible. For this reason you can click on the month (eg the word “May”) to select all the days of that month. But you can also click on M / T / W / T / F / S / S to select or deselect every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday…of the month. Obviously clicking on a single date you will select / deselect only that one.

Of course! For example, click on 20 o’clock this will light up, double-click fast again to 20 o’clock and you will see the quarter-hour selection disc to be able to enter the time 20:15 or 20:30 or 20:45. Remember that you can select up to two times per day. If an event has a break during the day, or a show is performed twice in one day you can select up to two time intervals.

An example:
From 08:30 to 11:15 + from 12:45 to 19:30.

Yes. Just click from one time to another and then again from one time to another again. But not only that, you can also select only one day of the week (or more than one) and associate a time to this. Let’s say that a review of books for a month is always on a Monday. Well, click on the M on the calendar and they will light up every Monday of the month.

The places you see are the ones currently present in the wall:in Data Base. As you write the location of an event, see if it appears in the search matches. If it appears click on it and in this way all the remaining fields will be filled in automatically. In the event that the place is not present in our Data Base you can enter the name of the Location, the City and the Street by yourself.

The ones you see are the cities of the province of Genoa. There are all 67 municipalities. If you don’t know precisely what the municipality belongs to, you can leave Genoa as a generic city. If instead you have selected a place from the suggested ones (see previous point), the city will be automatically set by our software.

Top Events / Wallers

Here you will see the best Events and Top Wallers of the city you are consulting.
Events are classified based on the number of additions to Private Walls, while Wallers based on the number of people following them.
Soon, thanks to the search tool, you will also be able to view the Top Events and Top Wallers of other cities and, we hope, also the world rankings.

They are the most added events by Wallers to their Private Walls!
Here you can consult the most popular events of the chosen city and easily add them to your Private Wall by simply clicking the “+” button to the right of each event.
The “+” icon under the name of each event indicates how many Wallers have added it to their Private Wall.

They are the most followed Wallers in the city!
Here you can see the most influential Wallers in the chosen city and easily add them to your Favorites by simply clicking the “Follow” button to the right of each Wallers.
The “Heart” icon under the name of each profile indicates how many Wallers have added it to their Favorites.
The “Roll” icon indicates how many events that Waller published.

On Air

With this tool you can quickly see the events that are taking place in the city.
The map shows you immediately where you are and the events around you, it can be very useful in cities you don’t know!
The hourly section is instead a ranking based on the end-of-event time, it will show you at the top the events near the end and then to decrease the events that I finish later, in this way you can organize yourself quickly and maybe be able to see more events in a few hours! Hurry up


You will see Events and Wallers that contain letters, words or places you entered.

The “Search” is contextual to the page where you are. If you are looking for a word and you are on the Private Wall, the search will only take place for the events and profiles associated with these on your Private Wall.
In the same way the search in the Profile: if you are in your Profile and you carry out a search this will happen only between posters and users that are present on your Profile.
For a general search go to the Public Wall, in this way you will freely search among all the events and profiles in the App.


If you are using wall:in in Free mode and you want to access all features such as being alerted when an event of your interest is about to begin, receive notifications from friends and people who post events of your interest or be yourself to publish, you can register by going to settings and clicking “Sign In”. Enter some information and you are immediately ready to use wall:in in all its potential.

If you prefer, you can also Sign In  with your Facebook account.

If you have changed your name or want to change your Profile Name, what you need to do is go to Settings and click on your profile picture. From here you can manage and change all information.

You can change it as many times as there are personalities you have.
Go to Settings and click on your profile picture. From here, click on the image above and choose another one.

Still in Settings, click on the profile image. Below your name there is the phrase of your status. If you’ve changed your mood don’t worry you can let everyone know you’re happy.

The wall:in notifications concern: t
he publication of an event by a person you follow; the addition of a poster to the Private Wall by a person you follow; changes of dates, times or cancellation of an event you added to the Private Wall, Wallers starting to follow you.
To activate the ones that interest you most, go to Settings and click on Notifications.

Go to Settings, click on Notifications and choose which notifications to receive and which not. If you no longer wish to receive notifications from a particular user, go to his profile and deselect the Followed button at the top right to stop following him.

To delete your account go to Settings and click on the “Delete Account” section, follow the steps indicated and at the end you will no longer be a Waller. 🙁

To exit wall:in and maybe re-enter another account, just go to Settings and click on “Logout” at the bottom of the page.


wall:in is hearing. Each business can sponsor itself on the Public Wall related to its city in order to have the right visibility in the right context.
Visit the page 
La tua pubblicità su wall:in  or write us here to get all the information you need.

wall:in and his Wall remain neutral and do not promote events.
However we have other forms and ways to better communicate your event.
Visit the page
La tua pubblicità su wall:in or write us for more information.

Part of the advertisements are managed by mobile advertising media providers who publish on behalf of third parties. We are not entitled to choose the advertisements managed by these services. We hope to grow quickly and so as to be totally independent about our content and to be able to eliminate these services, thus giving you a fair Wall worthy of you.

Obviously our growth also depends on you 😉


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